Web Snapshots

Website snapshots capture images when content on an origin server has been tampered with or corrupted, the server has crashed, or some other issue has occurred. Backup servers provide users with backup data, ensuring that the service is always available and data is secure from data leaks.

Product Benefits

Complete Backup of Website Content

Website content can be comprehensively retrieved through access logs and crawling.

One-click to Enable, One-click to Update

Website content can be captured with one click without additional configuration. Updates of mirror content can be automatically scheduled to run daily or completed with one click.

Automatic Call for Website Snapshots

When a web page is damaged or tampered with, snapshotted content will automatically replace the affected pages, protecting the business.

Product Features

Time and Location-based Website Snapshot Service

For sensitive regions and busy periods, snapshot backup data will be captured at different locations and times, guaranteeing that attacks cannot impact the origin server, ensuring 100% security of the website.

high-performance caching servers
tiered-caching architecture

Automatic Update

Intelligent algorithms automatically update page content daily.

Application Scenarios

Website Downtime

When a website goes down, customers’ websites can be immediately restored to another server with the original webpages, ensuring that the service is always online.

Website Anti-tampering

When a website is damaged or tampered with, the security mirroring service will automatically restore current page content, protecting content from tampering that could adversely affect the brand.

Special Period Access Control

Backup data is securely captured on a different server. Access control can be set at different time intervals and locations. Backup data is isolated to prevent overseas hackers from infiltrating the server during normal periods. Content is 100% protected from tampering during sensitive periods.