Zero Trust

Security Solutions

Internet security is slowly evolving. What used to be considered good security is no longer adequate. New access scenarios such as telecommuting and accessing global resources require more comprehensive policy and compliance strategies. With growing complexity comes a greater need to simplify, consolidate, and integrate security measures.


Baishan’s Zero Trust Security Solutions offer newer security strategies and technologies to protect enterprises' digital assets better. Some of these strategies and technologies include a unified portal for managing all aspects of the intranet and network boundaries; comprehensive, cross-network layer monitoring that enables correlation of different types of events for better detection of attacks; and regional ‘edge’ and ‘end’ nodes for faster, more reliable data transmission.

Industry Pain points

Security Boundaries are Gradually Disappearing over Internet

In the era of the Internet of Everything, traditional confined border defenses can no longer meet the needs of enterprises. Corporations need to integrate their IT solutions and business scenarios to transform from the border-based network model into an identity-centric cloud architecture border model to complete enterprises’ digital transformation.

The Cloud Business Lacks Overall Management

With the continuous development of enterprise businesses, cloud solutions have expanded from local to hybrid-cloud and multi-cloud data center environments. Failure to consolidate security across businesses has led to information silos, lack of a unified work portal, and difficulty unifying security management.

Complex Architectures And IT Resources

The security of access methods in enterprise applications is complex and constantly changing. Traditional band-aid security defense measures not only increase the complexity of the IT environment but also increase the difficulty of network management, resulting in reduced work efficiency, and are not conducive to the digital transformation of enterprises.

Solution Benefits

Simplify IT Processes, Create Corporate Data Boundaries

Users are not required to have IT skills, nor the skills to configure network solutions. All it takes is for the enterprise's IT administrators to configure the unified settings on the backend of the console to allow access to intranet applications, which is convenient and fast. Through fine-grained authority division and SIEM platform perception analysis, classification of the company's data is enabled, and the flow of the entire data life cycle can be managed.

high-performance caching servers
tiered-caching architecture

Securely Access Business Systems

Business architectures must be redesigned to create a new security model based on strict identity verification to protect applications and legitimate users from advanced threats from the Internet. Baishan’s solution enables customers to transform from an outdated security model to a "least-privileged" application access model.

Create an Integrated Security System Across the Cloud, Edge, and the Endpoint

Integrating the security product line, including access auditing and abnormal behavior analysis using the SIEM platform, enables operators to perform linkage analysis; allow security features to be unified and implemented across the cloud, the edge, and the endpoint, achieve faster data transmission and more robust real-time data processing, all of which makes the computing environment safer and more stable.

instant purging

Application Scenarios


Whether users are in the office, at a coffee shop, or at a branch or store, they can quickly access the corporate intranet system. In addition, by allowing users to log into the server from a non-office site, corporations can acquire device access information instantly, making corporate resource access convenient and secure and achieving true ‘office anytime, anywhere.

Compliance Requirements

The new standard in Classified Protection of Cybersecurity 2.0 stipulates the scalability requirements for cloud computing security. These requirements are evaluated based on secure communication networks, secure area boundaries, secure computing environments, and secure network construction management.

Alternative to Traditional VPN

With the VPN vulnerabilities exploded in recent years, Baishan continues to provide users with more remote application access services. These services enable secure SaaS intranet application access using strong identity authentication and fine-grained access control mechanisms. Robust and centralized access helps to make up for the lack of VPN security, stability, and flexibility.

Global Link Acceleration Access

To ensure the user experience in remote access scenarios, remote connections adopt a short connection method. Each access connection will carry authentication information to avoid link disconnection and re-authentication. At the same time, Baishan’s solution will accelerate global network access. Through dynamic detection of intelligent routing to select the best path, weak networks (e.g., small operators, peak periods) can maintain stable communications, avoid data access interruptions, and significantly improve remote access experiences and business reliability.